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    A Discussion About Popular Culture Influence in the Makeover Reality Television Show, "The Swan."

"The Swan" is a makeover reality television show where women undergo plastic surgery with the help of a coach, as well as other specialists, to sustain the dramatic effects of the process. The show goes through the whole transformation that each woman makes in a three-month period -- all for a chance to participate in a Swan pageant at the end of the season. 

The clip that I asked the interviewees to watch is a gruesome one. It highlights the difficulties that the contestants face when undergoing the effects of the plastic surgery. The coach debates the participants on their weight, even fighting one that is a mere 138 pounds. While the scene may look absurd and redundant, it is clear that the participants are nothing but serious about their commitment to transform their face and bodies. 

Here is the link to the video --

After viewing the video, three interviewees and I undergo an in-depth conversation about the reflection of this show from popular culture. We talk about their reactions, surprises and whether society has now favored plastic surgery because of the surplus of makeover reality television shows.

Here is the audio of the interview --